sábado, febrero 19, 2011

Complete Plan Software Products


En este enlace aparecen software para Hospitality Planning el Plan Magic Hoel 12 y el Plan Mgic Restaurant 12.

Dedicated hotel business plan software with incomparable hotel planning financials. Very effective for start-up, expansion and monitoring of any hotel. Accommodation planning, personnel, amenities and more. And if you need more, you can always upgrade to PlanMagic Resort. You too can dazzle those investors with the most detailed hotel business plan they have ever seen!.
Sizzling restaurant business plan software and unique restaurant planning financials. All possible details have been considered and readily built in, such as an equipment list, breakfast, lunch, dinner and bar average calculations, seasonal sales, busy weeks, catering, party rentals, even retail sales. You can plan on a monthly or weekly averages basis.
Bar business plan and bar financial projections for bars, cafés, pubs, taverns, nightclubs, and similar venues. From equipment list, drinks, cocktails, snacks, terrace, party rentals, to busy days of the week, high and low season sales and more.
Coffee bar business plan and coffee bar financials made to order. Coffees (drinks, beans, ground), teas, lattes, smoothies, frosties, pastries & snacks, party rental and even terrace average sales calculations. Thorough and detailed as always.

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