lunes, marzo 20, 2006

Negocios : Videos y la practica.

En el enlace de arriba aparece un conjunto de videos que se pueden ver si trabaja sólo con MODEM o con BANDA ANCHA. Se trata de los cursos de negocios en Bachillerato en Inglaterra.
Applied Business

ICT in a business environment.

These videos show a mixed ability year 10 group learning the practical applications of business in contemporary society. Using a wide range of ICT, including voting devices, interactive whiteboards and a number of applications, students gain a comprehensive knowledge of internet and computer technology, and how it is relevant in the business world.

Coupled with this, through digital video footage of interviews with members of the commercial sector, the students are given comprehensive ideas of business aims and objectives, and physical examples of business documentation and practice.

Learning Objectives:
The main objectives for the lesson are to:

introduce the concept of formulating and recognising business aims and objectives
gain an awareness of how big and small businesses work; the differences and similarities
recognising and utilising ICT that is relevant, not only in school time, but also in the business sphere
Getting a taste of business practice through taped interviews and accompanying business literature.

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